The mission of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana–New Jersey (CMM-NJ) is:
To bring about safe and legal access to medical marijuana for New Jersey patients who are under the care of licensed physicians and nurse practitioners.


The goals of CMM-NJ are:

To increase support for this organization’s mission through education and outreach.
To pass legislation that will remove the statewide penalties for possession, use and cultivation of marijuana for medical use.

The objectives of the CMM-NJ are:

To conduct a public education campaign  on this issue across spectrums in New Jersey:

To maintain an ongoing and updated database of survey responses in order to:

To continue to encourage formal statements of support from individuals and organizations in the form of:

To conduct a minimum of four (4) speaking engagements/year by CMM–NJ Executive Officers.

To establish continued funding through grants and donors until our mission is accomplished.

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