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educating law enforcement

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 What is the state of affairs with regards to the medical cannabis laws in the state of NJ, you ask?

The governor has made the statement, speaking over the crowd of teachers, "You people... just do your jobs!"  And, here we are, doing the job of educating the police about the law.  In a recent video, our own Lefty Grimes has shown that even the municipal cops in Trenton... a few hundred feet from the statehouse... are unaware of the law.  The sargeant stated, "This is all new to me."

This is a copy of what Lefty and Charles dropped on the Trenton PD in the following video.

Of course, we had a very good turnout for the Faces of Cannabis & LoveNugget Foundation press conference on February 27th, 2014, both by the media and patients and their representatives. See the video here. We would like to thank the various news organizations that support us by reporting on our events.

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paula joana's testimony

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 On Thursday, February 20, 2014, the new chair of the Assembly Regulatory Oversight Committee invited CMMNJ to participate in a fact-finding meeting aimed at finding out what is STILL wrong with the CUMMA law and its implementation.  Asm. Reed Gusciora held the meeting to hear patient's and family member's testimony as to which improvements still need to be made to the law.  Among those who testified was the dispensaries' spokesman, Michael Weiser; Marianne Bays; attorney Anne Davis; CMMNJ Executive Director Ken Wolski; CMMNJ board member Peter Rosenfeld; patient Stephen Cuspilich; Stephanie Joynes-Pierce; written testimony by Jennie Stormes, mother of minor-child Jaxs, who has Dravet Syndrome; and a DOH spokesperson who read a prepared statement and left the room quickly after the reading was over.

Is there a name missing from that list?  There is.  Please watch the following video, where Paula Joana delivers her testimony.  Trust me when I say there wasn't a dry eye in the place.  Much credit to Mrs. Joana, who battled back her own tears and showed true courage to fight for other kids in the state in memory of her Sabina Rose.

Paula Joana's testimony before the Assembly Regulatory Oversight Committee.

kathryn's story

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Kathryn's Story:




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Check the Meetup events relevant to CMMNJ.

2014 is the year

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 If you live in the state of New Jersey, undoubtedly you've heard the wonderful news: Senator Scutari is working on a legalization bill.  It is MORE important now, than ever, to contact the Senator and let him know he represents you (and, to say Thank You!).  You can call, write an email or send a letter via US Postal Service using the following link:  Find your legislator.

Nicholas P. Scutari (D)

This coincides (yes, it really is a coinicidence) with the change of CMMNJ's mission statement.  We are now pushing for full legalization, just like Colorado.  It makes perfect sense.  Why continue to battle a law that is so frought with errors, omissions and guidelines that make the program completely unworkable in our state?  Yes, there will still need to be a medical part to the law, since the people we're fighting for include children under the age of 18 (or 21, or whichever age they land on).

i have only been involved in this fight for a few years.  It's an amazing time.

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